Solar Heating for Pools
A longer Swimming Season

Solar Heating for Pools extend the swimming season for one million families in the US alone with tens of thousands more joining every year, therefore many people ask themselves how to warm up the pool.

A solar swimming pool heater is a relatively low cost, low-maintenance and simple heating solution for a swimming pool. The Sun is free to all renewable energy source and using it to warm the pool’s water, will dramatically reduce or even completely eliminate the pool heating cost

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Active Solar Swimming Pool Heater

Active solar pool heaters use solar collectors to warm up the pool water. Water flows in a close loop from the pool to the properly sized collector and back to the pool aided by the power of a small pump. A well designed, well built pool heater will raise the temperature by 15 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit, enough to double the season in most regions. Get Eco-Friendly Products for Pool, Spa & Home, at Specialty Pool Products! Options

The advantages for the homeowner are:

  • Warm, comfortable water temperature over 3 seasons in the year (summer, spring and autumn)
  • Use clean, environmentally friendly and free of charge Energy
  • Like other solar investments, investing in a solar pool heater increases your home value
  • Energy Tax Credits are available for solar pool heaters

Passive Solar Heating for Pools

A less expensive yet effective solar pool heating method is to use a system that doesn't use the expensive collector. A passive solar heating for pools is the solar pool cover. There are covers for in ground pools and above ground pools. Hard material pool cover can provide protection from debris and falling leaves and provides safety for kids. Another passive solar heating option is to use solar sun rings also known as solar pool circles

Pool Supplies

Whether solar heated or not, pool acidity (pH level) and chlorine level must be maintained within the specified limits. This is the time to prepare for the season. For monitoring your pool and for the pool materials supply, Get Eco-Friendly Products for Pool, Spa & Home, at Specialty Pool Products!

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