The Solar Water Fountain
a convenient and low cost operation water fountain

Water fountains revive the garden and add fascination and charm to it, a solar water fountain is powered by sun light. Water fountains come in a variety of styles and materials.

What is a solar powered water fountain?

An essential part of the water fountain is the small solar water fountain pump that operates behind the curtains to pump the water back to top side of the fountain. In the solar powered water fountain the water pump operates on solar power and does not require connection to AC supply

New solar powered water fountains

This is the easier situation. Just buy the complete kit, connect the water plumbing and the solar panel and the fountain is up and running

Retrofitting an existing water fountain

Retrofit kits are available to convert fountains to work on sun light power. Correct sizing of the solar panel and the pump is required. From the amount of water the fountain streams in gallons per minute and the altitude of the fountain the size of the required pump can be calculated. Once the pump size is known, the solar panel is sized accordingly. The solar panel voltage needs to fit the DC pump voltage rating. Most stores dealing with garden supply can advice.

Practical Considerations

  • The solar panel should be located in a not-shaded place facing south to assure a continuous flow of water. In the same time the panel should be “behind the curtains” to preserve the esthetics of the garden.
  • If the solar fountain is for day operation only, no backup rechargeable batteries are needed. If however night operation is wanted, batteries are required
  • A solar garden might more solar operated devices. A good example is solar garden lighting

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